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CHAMPS Volunteers Needed!

Please step up and help out.  This is part of our team obligation for CAL.

  We are still looking for:
1 TIMER ----- THURSDAY AFTERNOON (9-10 session)
1-2* TIMERS ---- FRIDAY MORNING (8 and under session).  
1-3** SEATERS --- FRIDAY MORNING (this job works with the clerk of course; helping to seat the kids and then walking them to the starting block)
*If two people sign up to time -- then each one only has to do it for half the meet.
** We have TWO spots that MUST be filled.  We already have one volunteer.  If 3 more people volunteer, then all 4 of you only have to work half the meet.

Please email queensmillswim@gmail.com to volunteer. 

2019 QueensMill Quackers - Thanks for a great season!

Great Form Coach Amber!

Coach Amber Mierchuk


I am thrilled about my role as the QM Head Coach this summer. I swam on my summer and high school teams growing up and coached for several summers in Newport News and Richmond before having a family.  I have been a high school math teacher for CCPS for 18 years and have two boys, CJ and Drew, on the swim team. I look forward to seeing  everyone at the pool this summer - Go Quackers!!!

Coach Tom Summers


My family and I are 7 year residents of QM with 6 years of swim team participation.  After several years of coaching soccer, I am bringing my love of kids and coaching together for the benefit of Queensmill.  I am looking forward to getting to know all the neighborhood kids and watching them grow and learn.

Coach Katy Regan

Coach Katy Reagan

I am so excited to join the Quakers as a coach this year! As a 5th grade teacher in Chesterfield County, I am excited to combine my passion working with kids with my love of swimming. I swam throughout my childhood and high school until I transitioned to lacrosse in college.  My family have been members at QM for the past 4 years and my son, Brennan, loves being a member of the team! I can't wait to officially meet everyone! 

Coach Eva Johnson


This is my fourth year as a Queensmill coach and my 15th year on the team. I am a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech. I love spending time with friends and I’m excited for another great season of swim team! 

Jr. Coach Sarah Aud


This is my second year as a junior swim coach and my 12th year swimming for Queensmill. I go to Midlothian High School and I enjoy playing soccer. I’m very excited for this upcoming swim season!

Jr. Coach G. Fletcher Marshall


Swimming is my passion. It started with joining the Queensmill Quackers swim team when we moved to the neighborhood.  Then I joined Poseidon Swimming for year round swimming and am still swimming full time hoping to continue swimming after graduation. I am a full time John Tyler Community College student even though I am considered a high school senior due to my age. I am thrilled with the opportunity to coach and be a part of the greatest summer league team ever!!! Go QUACKERS!!!!!


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