Champs July 27-28


Where is CHAMPS held?

2019 Chesterfield Aquatics League Championships 

Collegiate School Aquatics Center

5050 Ridgedale Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23234

Swimming CHAMPS?


CHAMPS is an exciting way to end the summer swimming season!  Every swimmer who has swam in at least 2 meets is eligible to swim at CHAMPS.  There are some rules as to how many events they can swim, so please check with the coaches if you are unsure what your swimmer can/should swim. 

In the coming weeks you will be asked if your swimmer(s) plans on attending CHAMPS.  Although we hope your swimmers will participate, it is not mandatory. Queensmill must pay for every swimmer swimming in CHAMPS and for every event that they swim. Queensmill only charges $10.oo to swim in this meet.  However, if you sign up your swimmer to swim in CHAMPS and they do not come (except for in cases of emergenices or illness) you will be invoiced for all of your swimmer's entry fees which will be more than the $10.00 to enter the meet.  

YOU MUST LET US KNOW by WEDNESDAY, JULY 17 AT 6:00PM if your swimmer(s) will be attending CHAMPS.  It is $10 per swimmer and fees must be paid NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, JULY 18 AT 8:00PM or YOUR SWIMMER WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE ROSTER.

Champs Sessions


Session 1:  9/10 Year Olds - 1:15pm Start 

Session 2:  11/12 Year Olds - 6:00pm Start


Session 3: 8 and Unders - 9:00am Start

Session 4: 13 and Olders - 3:00pm Start

Champs T-Shirts

CHAMPS T-Shirts can be ordered online from  The deadline is July 19 at 2:00pm.  T-Shirts can be picked up on the day of CHAMPS at Collegiate Aquatic Center.

Champs Files

Here are the CAL Time Standards In Meters and Yards by age and gender.

Champs Heat Sheet Advertisements

Champs heat sheet ads are a great way to raise funds for both CAL and our swim team where the proceeds are split 50/50.  Ads can be for businesses, to congratulate your swimmer on a great season, and/or to encourage them for Champs. The deadline is July 20th.